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Tattoo Talks – Derrick Broze – Moral Aspects of Veganism

moral aspects of veganism

Tattoo talks are the kind of conversations that happen during a tattoo that never get recorded. This is the first time I’ve ever taken the time to actually hit record. Activist Derrick Broze and I talk about the moral aspects of veganism and plant based diets vs eating meat.

The buzz that you hear is the tattoo machine. If you’ve ever had a tattoo it will be a nice familiar sound in the background. I have to focus on the tattoo but I am able to listen and chime in at times or maybe ask questions.

About Derrick Broze

Derrick Broze is an activist / journalist and anarchist that eats a vegan diet. He is concerned about the environmental impacts of eating meat on the earth and the humane treatment of animals.

I didn’t have time to interview him for this post. I can paraphrase a little of what we covered in the conversation.

The Moralism of Veganism

First of all, I am a person that eats meat. So our conversation represents an exchange of ideas from different sides of the fence. However, there was no fence really. Derrick was a pleasure to work with on this tattoo and I walked away a more intelligent human being after spending the day with him. He has much insight to share with everyone.

There are far more meat eaters in the world than plant only eaters. Many people that eat meat don’t like the idea of change and will defend a position without willingness to listen to alternative view points. Meat eaters condemn vegans for their choices as unhealthy. As if not eating meat will be bad for your health.

On the other hand, many extremist vegans will play the moralistic card. Counter condemning meat eaters as heartlessly supporting the inhumane treatment and slaughter of animals.

The Moral Aspects of Veganism

So I asked Derrick “Whats your viewpoint on the moral aspects of veganism?” to inspire intelligent conversation and exchange of ideas. In contrast to the reactive, battle type debates of “us vs them” discussions we were able to talk about it peacefully and compassionately. I am happy to share this with you.




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