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Painter - Tattoo Artist - Art Instructor

Hello! I am Joel. Here is a little about me and what I do best. 

About Joel Wright:

First of all welcome and thank you for visiting my site.  Here I'd like to share my story and the message behind my creativity with you.  I will do that by answering the most common questions I get.  The links to my social channels and pages on this blog will also be shared. 

People are sometimes shocked to know that I work in many different areas with artwork. I tattoo, I paint and teach art. I even design websites like this one.  I do not limit myself as long as the the act of creation is involved then I am in my elements.

I am a creative

Joel Wright Art Gallery est. 2015

Joel Wright Art Gallery

125 College Dr

Texarkana, Tx 75503

In march of 2015 I opened Joel Wright Art Gallery. It serves as a studio space to create art and art classes and events. I also have art shows periodically. 

Joel Wright Art Gallery is also a private tattoo studio with 3 artists including myself. 

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Joel Wright Art Gallery

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Why did I choose to become an artist?

Is it really a "choose your own adventure" or is it fate or determinism? 

I don't know...

Early on I was lit up when in working with creative projects.   It is my nature to create.   My creativity was nurtured by my mother and my father opposed it.  

That dynamic drove me to rebel against my father and it was the perfect conditions for strengthening my commitment to creative pursuits.  Later on in life my father became a great supporter. 

The nurturing of the feminine and rebelling of masculine became duality component that fueled my passion.  I see this dynamic reflected in the state of society.  

We have over controlled the world and the people with toxic systems  and desires for excessiveness. 

As I grew older I experimented in attempts at integration with the rat race. I tried a little bit of every path and saw the futility in trying to rise up the ladders  that do not lead to fulfillment for me personally and many others.

How novel of an idea would it be to do what you love most?  Would that be supported?

After 20 years of being a professional artist I'd have to say yes.  

I encourage everyone reading this to do what they love starting now.  If you love art but you don't have time to create it yourself you can follow other artists and appreciate it through another.  

What is the main message that is conveyed in my artwork?

The very act of creating art is appreciation of beauty.  It is a celebration of being alive and having a chance for self realization 

I don't attach my ego to my artwork so you don't have to attach a grandiose meaning to it either. On the other hand it is the upmost importance. The arts are why we do all the work in order to survive. 

In the moment of creating artwork, I am saying no to an infinite other possible activities. This is a rejection of vying for power, striving to make more money or obsession with material aspects. 

The true beauty, wealth, power and the greatest treasure is the connection to self in the act of creation.  Not everyone can see that.  Many busy people are rushing around missing life.  Missing life is the same as ignoring yourself.  You have to stop and take notice.  And return over and over.  That is how you open your eyes to see the beauty all around you right now.