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Watercolor Tattoo Artist – Galaxy Tattoo Artist – Surreal Tattoo Artist – Realistic Tattoo Artist- Trash Polka Tattoo Artist

Watercolor tattooing ties into my love for more fine art mediums like surreal oil painting and abstract art. For me there is one stream of creativity for all mediums.

I have tattooed for years in the watercolor style. Most recently I am exploring other styles and just recently I tattooed a Trash Polka Buddhist themed piece as well and surrealism or surrealist tattoo style. Both of these styles draw from the painted tattoo style that I love but are allowing me to evolve as an artist. Abstract tattoos are also a love of mine because I paint abstracted art. Abstraction in the tattoo design is using shapes and colors in creative ways that don’t resemble anything in particular or take realistic ideas and filter them or deconstruct them. I had rather use abstract backgrounds contrasted with semi realistic content.

Galaxy tattoos are another love of mine and tie into the watercolor style. Galaxies are like an abstract painting. The most common problem with galaxy tattoos are trying to but zodiac constellations in the tattoo. It is most often not identifiable as a specific zodiac.

Joel Wright Art is Abstract Fusion

Abstract wall art is undeniably tied to my surreal oil paintings that also contain abstraction. The fusion of the two styles is most true. When I paint large original abstract wall art I am unchained from objective form and meaning takes on an undefined state.I bring this abstraction to my tattoo work as a person that works as a watercolor tattoo artist. I don’t consider a watercolor tattoo artist as limited in any way. Surreal tattoos, galaxy tattoos, realistic and 3d tattoos are also my loves.

Original artwork and prints added to the online shop.

I’m pleased to let you know that anyone has access to the online shop. You can order securely through the shop with multiple payment options. I personally ship each painting internationally and guarantee your satisfaction.

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At this time I am a self represented artist. I not only create the artwork but I also build relationships with my clients. Buying artwork is an indulgence and splurging for your self. Each piece of artwork will bring you into a different inner state of being. My intention is to place all of my artwork into the spaces of people like you.


The creative process is very simple and enjoyable. The first step is scheduling time for your first session that we are both available. You are traveling here. We can plan a time as soon as both of our schedules will allow. This is the most important step in the process. We may communicate about your design before the appointment but I don’t begin designing until right before the appointment

As it gets closer to your appointment the fun begins. This is where we will start to design your tattoo. I will request a picture of where the tattoo is going so that I can design it photoshop. This will show you an estimation of how large your tattoo will be. You will also be able to give feedback, request changes, and collaborate with me during the creative process. In some cases, I will paint watercolor artwork for your tattoo design and you keep the artwork.

We have a good idea of what we are tattooing and you have approved it. In some cases we need to do a little in person changes and last minute additions and that is OK. Now you are traveling here for the tattoo. I will help you find a good Air bnb or lodging for your stay in our little town of Texarkana. We also have a list of the best restaurants in our area.

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