Upgrade Unlocked

    The Website is Upgraded – Working on Newsletter

    At the first of the year I closed booking to catch up on tattoo requests, update my website and prepare for an art show.

    In that time I’ve moved my site to a more efficient server and applied upgrades to make the site load faster. Hopefully this will provide a much better browsing experience. I plan to do more from my site and newsletter.

    The newsletter is the next objective and I am working on it now. Sometimes the artwork I post to social media is already sold. I’ve been asked how to get notified before the artwork is sold and the newsletter is the solution.  I will occasionally offer artwork progress and offers to the newsletter first to give people a chance to make offers on artwork through email or shopping cart.

    With tattoo scheduling I will notify people on the list before booking opens and give an opportunity and priority to newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t already you can sign up for the list below.

    The Art Show

    The art show I have coming up is completely new to my experience. I’ve created and sold artwork for years but to get a collection together for a specific showing is something I’ve never done. So far it has been very beneficial in channeling my energy into exactly what I want to be doing with it.

    I have quite a variety of artwork on the way. And all of it will be available for sale online as well as in person. You don’t have to attend the show to have access to see it or make offers. I can ship internationally and I usually offer secure shipping at not cost.

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    Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my artwork. I enjoy sharing it and if you’d like you can add me on any social media you prefer.

    I create watercolor styled tattoos, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and mixed media sculptures and I write about that in this blog. I also expand upon that with sharing present moment awareness that enhances creativity and energy arts like Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong that circulate creative energy.

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