Owl Oil Painting – Great Horned Prophecy

The owl has long been a symbol of mystery, wisdom, and prophecy. Foretelling a deeper understand or a “birds eye view” of the bigger picture.

The Great Horned Owl being one of the most majestic and striking creatures.


The nocturnal owl see’s in the dark. In that sense the owl is able to see what others can’t and that is a special advantage.

What is unseen is seen by the owl. The mystery is transparent.

side detail owl

The owl has many lessons for us to learn from. If we are to become like the owl, we too must learn to see in the dark.

In order to learn to see in the dark, light must have be temporarily absent. This sets the stage for deeper faith to develop. Faith is the eye that sees in times when there is no light to illuminate the way.

owl eye detail

When moment when light is unseen is the moment of adventure and challenge. Blindly navigating wont do. In time the eyes adjust but there is still a vast uncertainty.

When acceptance of the lack of vision happens then the other senses take over. The hearing becomes sharper. The sensitivity of the body increases. And a holistic vision takes over. Then seeing becomes not dependent upon the literal eyes but the whole organism is sight.

detail up close

We have much still to learn from the owl.

  • Title: The Great Horned Prophet.
  • Medium: Oil on Paper mounted to panel with added mixed media. (Frame is a part of art)
  • Size: 12 inches x 12 inches
  • Year Painted: 2017
  • For sale: Yes – Great Horned Prophet – link to shop
  • Artist: Joel Wright
paint on frame
prophecy detail
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