Booking is now open! I am taking requests to start “the creative process” as of February 2nd 2017. Email  your request and sign up for the list (newsletter for announcements and new artwork) below.

Scheduling Tattoo Appointments Now – Limited Spots

Quick Questions Answered

Toggle the questions below to get quick answers for some of the most frequently asked questions I often get through email.

Scheduling Requests

If booking is open then simply email your request using my email, or use the contact for below.

If booking is closed then you can still email, but I highly recommend joining the newsletter so that I can notify you when the books open again.

Sign up for “The List” below and I will alert you once a month of available appointments, new releases on original artwork and new prints for sale in the shop. All in one email!

The Creative Process

My creative process involves email consultation and we talk on the phone if needed. I send this information through email and you can decide if it is right for you. I often create artwork for each tattoo that I do and create something unique so that I have a reference and you know what you are getting.

I do charge for this time spent on creating the artwork. And you get to keep it in the end! You can find out more when you contact me.

Creative Requests

When emailing you can send reference pics of artwork and tattoos that you appreciate and inspired by. I will take these into consideration when I do your tattoo.

Just keep in mind that I work entirely in my own style. Check out the gallery if you are just getting to know what I do.

If you request three blue roses for instance, then that is what I will do. It will be three roses in the style that I work in however. Everything I create looks like I created it because that is all that I do.

Traveling Information

Most of the clients that I enjoy working with most travel here to my studio from all over the world. I make every accommodation possible to help you navigate and plan accordingly.

I am not currently traveling for tattoo appointments, guest spots, or tattoo conventions at this time.

Commission Request

I enjoy commission painting within the realm of the styles and mediums that I work in and I will occasionally open my books to taking commission requests.

Feel free to email me and let me know of what you would like. If I have commission painting openings then I would love to start yours.

Please join “The List” email newsletter and I will send you commission painting availability

Make an Offer on Artwork

I have original paintings, artwork and prints listed in my shopping cart that appear on my blog. I do not make offers on prints.

I do allow a “make an offer” on original paintings and artwork. The time invested in each piece and the energetic resonance that I feel for a painting might require that some paintings be much higher prices than others.

If you feel that a painting is just for you then you can make and offer and tell me why and I might just let it go to you! If not then maybe it wasn’t meant to be?

Booking Information, New Artwork Releases and Commissioning Information

I open and close my books according to how much I have going. Lately the requests have been increasing and to best serve this increasing demand I must open and close scheduling so that I have plenty of time to give to each person and project.

It often opens up much sooner than you think and if you’re on the list you will be first notified.. When I start scheduling you will be alerted with an email if you sign up below. Also note that new, original artwork and print releases are sent to the newsletter first. So if you want the first chance offer then it’s the only way.

Joel Wright Art Newsletter

Sign up for the list using the form below. Enter your best email and click sign up. Your email will not be shared or misused. I will send emails only occasionally and you may even look forward to getting them.

What would you like to get?

I work exclusively in my own style. The content however can be anything you can imagine. I am completely open to any ideas or concepts. I only accept the ideas that resonate with me most so that I can make sure we are the best fit.

Give me a brief description of your tattoo inspiration and upload pics if needed. You can also send me pics of where you want your tattoo on your body.

For artwork commission requests, please let me know of medium preferred (watercolor, acrylic, oil, sculpture) and desired size.

You can also make an offer on a painting that you have seen available for sale. If it is too low I will counter offer with zero offense taken for offers too low.


Studio Location:

Joel Wright Art
125 College Dr
Texarkana, Tx 75503

You can email my address directly or use the contact form below. If you have not heard from me in at least two weeks please try emailing me again. I get many requests and sometimes an email ends up in the spam folder.




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Good things take some space in time. I appreciate the time you have spent on my site, going over my work. Thanks for looking and if you have decided to contact me then I am honored and humbled. I look forward to hear from you and the possibility of working with you on this.

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