Abstract Watercolor Tattoo

Abstract Watercolor Tattoo of Large Brush Stroke

The Abstract Watercolor Tattoo Art of Joel Wright

People often ask me about doing abstract watercolor tattoo styles and I almost always say yes! I absolutely love creating a tattoo that looks painted, textured or resembles watercolor or oil paint.

From the tattooing perspective its not much different than creating realism. I create the artwork on paper or photoshop and then recreate that on skin. So the tattooing process is a reproduction of the artwork just like other preplanned tattoo.

Abstract watercolor tattoo art can vary widely in style. Thats why a designing process is absolutely required. The client can see the projected direction in style before the tattooing starts.

abstract watercolor tattoo

Other people are completely taken back by an abstract watercolor tattoo. They don’t like it. It makes me laugh how committed to a rigid structure the mind can be. It’s a forced standard of how things should be.

Natures Organizing Principle

One area of abstract art that we can all appreciate is Li. Li is nature’s organizing principle. There is both structure and abstraction in li.

“Look at a piece of wood that happens to be close to you.  See the swirling pattern of its grain.  If there’s any natural stone close to you, look at it too.  See how the patterns form a random shape, yet somehow seem ordered in a way that you could never define.  What you’re looking at is what the classical Chinese called “li”.  In its most ancient meaning, the word li literally meant “the markings in jade or the fibers in muscle tissue.”  As a verb it meant “to cut things according to their natural grain or divisions.” from liology

No One Has to Like Your Abstract Watercolor Tattoo But You

Many other people will like it. Just not everyone. I accept and appreciate abstraction in general. It is finding beauty in artwork that doesn’t have a meaning behind it other than the colors, shapes, or texture. In modern society there is a fixation with ascribing a distinct meaning and purpose onto everything.

I feel the most beauty when I set aside meaning and purpose and just look through this unfiltered perception.

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my artwork. I enjoy sharing it and if you’d like you can add me on any social media you prefer.

I create watercolor styled tattoos, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and mixed media sculptures and I write about that in this blog. I also expand upon that with sharing present moment awareness that enhances creativity and energy arts like Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong that circulate creative energy.

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