Joel Wright Art: paintings and sculptures, tattoos, videos, art lessons, and coaching.

One Stream of Creativity

Wright paints expressive surrealism in oil on linen and canvas and large acrylic abstract in black and white and subtle earth tones on a variety of substrates. Wright combines styles in a single painting and uses versatility as a medium.

“Unifying the artwork has been the greatest awakening. For over 25 years I allowed myself to be unattached, undefined and unlimited in my artwork. I study many of the mediums and styles.

I allow myself to do everything without blocks. This serves as a distillation process that has helped me understand the creative process without bias, judgement or expectations.

Joel began tattooing in 1999 at the age of 24 in Texarkana, Tx. He met his wife Sarah shortly after.

“Tattooing was a ticket to creative freedom and I took it and never looked back. What is most interesting about tattooing is the range of freedom in expression. It is very personal and that art stays with you constantly. It is certainly the most intimate form of art.” Joel

I’ve explored many tattooing styles during the time I have enjoyed tattooing. Now I select projects that appeal to my need to create art. I don’t make a distinction between fine art and tattooing. I like it to blend together as it really is one stream of creativity. One is on canvas and one is on skin.

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