26 Watercolor Tattoos and the Zen of Watercolor by Joel

26 Watercolor tattoos by Joel is a collection of watercolor tattoos of the past few months.

It all starts with an email. Then there is some back and forth attempts at describing something immaterial like a thought or a feeling conveyed with inappropriate words that fail to describe the importance of your watercolor tattoo idea. It’s fun to try and somehow something real escapes and an idea forms.

Then the meditation…

Thats how the creative process works best. The separation of space-time causes an idea to incubate and unfold. The length of time in between the bud and flower might be only in perception. Meaning that the flower is already fully bloomed but the appearance of time separates the moments of transformation so that there is an experience of growth.

That means there is no hurry because it’s always the present moment. Since there is no hurry, I like to paint every tattoo idea in watercolor before I tattoo. You keep the artwork both on paper and on skin.

watercolor cherry blossom tattoo

japanese maple bonsai tattoo

indian paintbrush blue bonnet watercolor tattoo

tiger lily watercolor tattoo

purple thistle watercolor tattoo

tiger lily aries watercolor tattoo

watercolor dragon fly dandilion watercolor tattoo

raven and dove fighting watercolor tattoo

The Truth

Truth is… that there is no one making things happen. Just an observation of happening. If we try to force happening from projections and intentions then we never see the beauty of letting it happen naturally because we’re too busy trying to think we’re the ones doing it. Beauty comes from being and let being.

black fox watercolor tattoo

abstract watercolor tattoo

green tree of life watercolor tattoo

peacock feather watercolor tattoo

hillis plot watercolor tattoo

skull with clovers watercolor tattoo

watercolor skull tattoo black and gray

hummingbird flower watercolor tattoo

hummingbird courage watercolor tattoo

One Present Moment

There may be infinite future possibilities but only one happened in the present moment. And it is always the present moment radiating within the vacuum of conciousness.

The past and future are thought particles. In this present moment I am aware of this and art is not different for me. The mental effort can rest because all happening appears externally in the fractal hologram. No real need to be concerned.

Internally there is a deep space of peace :). Attention turned inward causes the mind to stop trying. Everything becomes quiet when the mind stops and something greater is experienced energetically . This is the zen of watercolor in my experience.

Tree with falling leaves watercolor tattoo

peacock skull watercolor tattoo

eye butterfly watercolor tattoo



watercolor ram skull tattoo

Hills Plot Watercolor Tattoo

abstract watercolor tattoo by Joel Wright

rose watercolor tattoo


The music of this is a harmonizing flow. Derivatives of an original source but slightly different. Evolving and infinitly changing and connected to everything and everyone else.

This harmony can only unfold independently of the mind or identity. No ego is here but only the discovery of something greater. The mind coexists and continues on without the need for fame, fortune or fear. This is a self realization experienced through artwork. One for the client and one for me as well. There was very little seperation anyway. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my artwork. I enjoy sharing it and if you’d like you can add me on any social media you prefer.

I create watercolor styled tattoos, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and mixed media sculptures and I write about that in this blog. I also expand upon that with sharing present moment awareness that enhances creativity and energy arts like Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong that circulate creative energy.

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